I am a Dubuquer! So are you! Inclusive Dubuque

The challenge of all challenges as we work to help our community members to appreciate the economic and social benefits of becoming more inclusive. To be successful in this is to be successful in all things. The world is a smaller place and people have few limits as to where they can travel, live and work. In order for Dubuque to enjoy the benefit of the best and brightest young (and not so young) residents we must work to assure that everyone feels comfortable and welcome in their community. Hundreds of folks are meeting, planning and doing things toward this most important goal.

I’ll use John Deere as one obvious example. John Deere builds some of the finest excavation and forestry equipment in the world and they sell this equipment in every country on earth. They need the best and brightest of every one of these nations to be able to work with them and for them to continue the company’s worldwide success. The best and brightest come in all ethnicities, races and genders and speak many different languages. It is important that when these multicultural customers, partners, and employees are in our City that they are comfortable and treated equitably in all settings. Our ability to do that will translate into John Deere’s ability to expand their workforce and employ future generations of Dubuque Citizens and others for years to come.

It’s not an easy set of problems to solve and it is everyone’s problem.

One thing we can all do right now is recognize that we are all Dubuquers!