Stormwater Management and the Bee Branch

The Bee Branch open waterway and Greenspace project is substantially completed. The culverts under the railroad tracks are complete and will be operational soon.

Nearly 1500 Dubuque homes were threatened with flooding prior to the beginning of the watershed management project. Other elements of this project that are currently in place include an enormous retention facility on Carter Road, expansion of the 32nd St. Retention Facility and the construction of the lower Bee Branch east of the tracks.

We have found a way to bring the walking/ biking trail under the tracks as well! We expect to be able to open the tunnels connecting the Riverwalk to Heritage Trail this fall.

Additionally, many permeable alleys have been and will continue to be constructed, reducing the amount of storm water that even reaches the system.

Recent rain events have not caused the basement and street flooding of the past – though there are a couple of exceptions.  Projects to improve the capacity of the storm sewers on West 22nd St (Kaufmann Avenue) are complete. Previously, even by increasing the capacity of these systems there was no place for the water to go no matter how big the pipe. Our engineering analysis shows that street flooding will be all but eliminated following these projects.