Streets (and STREETS)

The City of Dubuque in partnership with East Central Intergovernmental Association and the Iowa DOT to implement the STREETS (Smart Traffic Routing with Efficient and Effective Traffic System) project. This innovative integrated system will provide real time redirection to vehicle navigation systems and will provide instant reprogramming of traffic signals to respond to changing conditions. This is the first project of its type and scope in the US.

We were very pleased with the results of the “East-West Corridor Study,” the implementation of which will put new round about intersections on University Avenue at Loras, Asbury and Pennsylvania, add some lanes in the University Corridor, especially between Loras and Pennsylvania, change some lane markings, add traffic control devices and some turn lanes to Asbury Road and other east west thoroughfares.

Please contact the Public Works Department with street repair concerns. Potholes are generally repaired as soon as possible, but only once they have been reported.

There are many big and small street repairs happening. Keep your eyes open as we work to keep you safe.